AFL 2022 Live: The Collingwood Magpies outscored the Melbourne Demons, scoring nine of their last 10 goals

Taylor Adams spoke to Jimmy Bartel at Seven after the game.

JB: You guys keep blowing it up and it finally opened up.

TA: We were happy with how we were going in the half, we obviously missed opportunities in front of the goal, and a few went inside in front of 50, so we thought we were playing the game we thought we were playing what we wanted, but in the second half everything came together.

JB: In that sense, you’re playing a different style of footy, the pace was fast, it should be more fun to play with the game.

In fact, on the bench, Craig McRae told us he was bored. And I never listened to a coach because before he asked us to move the ball faster, and obviously they defend pretty well when you go slow, so any chance we can put speed on the ball, we try, and it’s been worth it. .

JB: The last few weeks your ball movement has been fantastic, do you find me scoring inside the front 50, the next layer so you get the most out of the ball movement?

TA: Last week we won the 50 innings count by 25 or so and won the game by four points. Ideally, if you get the discrepancy, you want to hit the marker more. We had the feeling that he had joined the second part, we were able to lower our eyes.

JB: You have a little bit of excitement on your front line, the great Brody Mihocek throws everything, Ginnivan, the young players, must be exciting on the front line.

TA: When Cox is scoring the ball like him, we have two key forwards in Mihocek and Cox, and Ollie Henry has come a long way, and then throws Jordan De Goey and Jamie Elliott, all of a sudden we are hitting the scoreboard. It’s nice to kick 82 points and keep them up to 56, if we hit straight, we’re looking at 100 points per game, so it’s been a big improvement.

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