Ambulance funding will be applied to the SA health crisis, after Premier spent Saturday night with paramedics

The South Australian government will allocate $ 124 million to new paramedic recruits and to halt the state’s growing crisis.

Key points:

  • $ 2.4 billion will be allocated to the SA health system
  • The prime minister spent the night with paramedics
  • New apprentices will begin this week, as part of 350 new recruits

Funding is part of the government’s $ 2.4 billion commitment to improve SA’s healthcare system.

Over the next four years, three hundred and fifty paramedics will be hired to alleviate the demand for staff.

Prime Minister Peter Malinauskas spent a cold, wet Saturday night in the back of an ambulance to shade paramedics.

The Prime Minister of South Australia spent the night on a ramp in an ambulance. (Provided by: State Government)

He witnessed several emergencies and even spent time at Lyell McEwen Hospital.

I wanted to understand exactly what pressure was under the system.

“I saw how serious the need is,” Mr. Malinauskas.

“The dedication and perseverance of those two of us last night fills you with pride but it fills you with urgency that we need to help these people on the front lines.

“As soon as our ambulance was cleared, the next job was called immediately.

Alicia Cavino (far right) is one of 32 paramedic recruits as of Monday. (Provided by: State Government)

“It’s literally from one job to the next, it’s relentless.”

Thirty-two ambulance students will begin their journey this week.

Alicia Cavino is one of those recruits and said she is relieved by job security.

Alicia Cavino trained for 5 years to be a paramedic. (ABC News)

“Well, starting tomorrow is probably the most exciting part of my career,” he said.

“When I started studying, 5 years ago, I entered the degree knowing that only six of us would be hired.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“The more help we get, the more we can help our patients at the end of the day.”

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