Australia News LIVE: Hanson returns to Senate; The head of Energy says the crisis is exacerbating the case for renewables; Russia sanctions 121 Australians; The national cabinet meets

We have more details on what state and territorial leaders have discussed this morning in the national cabinet with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

The dialogue ranged from skills shortages, delays in visa processing, economic position and possible microeconomic and productivity reforms, national security, the energy crisis and financing agreements for the recovery of visas. disasters.

State and territorial leaders in the national cabinet on Friday. Credit: Rhett Wyman

State and territorial leaders supported the federal government’s commitment to hold a referendum to enshrine the Indigenous Voice in Parliament to the constitution as a matter of priority.

The national cabinet will reconvene before the federal budget is enacted in late October.

“I’ve known most of these people for a long time,” Albanese said.

“Everyone came to this meeting with a great spirit of cooperation, with the determination to put the national interest first while at the right time representing their state and territorial interests.”

On the shortage of skills, Albanese says he has ordered the Department of the Interior to move people from other tasks to clearing up visa arrears.

He says he foreshadowed the department heads the week before the election that is what he would ask for, in recognition of the urgent need to act.

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