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The censure vote is a good opportunity to unite the party, says Javid

A vote of confidence in Boris Johnson’s leadership marks the “beginning of the end” of his term as prime minister, Sir Keir Starmer said.

Ahead of Monday night’s secret ballot, the Labor leader also urged Conservative MPs to vote against the prime minister to “get rid of it”.

Speaking to LBC Radio, Sir Keir said Conservative MPs “should show some leadership and vote against the Prime Minister”.

His remarks came shortly after the chairman of the 1922 Conservative Committee, Sir Graham Brady, announced that the rebels had reached the threshold of a vote of no confidence in Johnson’s leadership.

The chairman of the committee made the announcement this morning and added that the vote will take place from 6pm to 8pm and the results will be announced later.

Boris Johnson needs the support of 180 MPs to survive the vote and has already received the support of almost his entire cabinet and some MPs from the back bench.

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BREAKING: Jeremy Hunt announces he will vote to oust Boris Johnson

Former Secretary of Health Jeremy Hunt has announced that he will vote against Boris Johnson in the censorship vote this afternoon.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Hunt said: “Having been in power, Conservatives know in our hearts that we are not giving the British people the leadership they deserve. We are not providing the integrity, competence and vision necessary for unleash the enormous potential of our country.

“Anyone who believes that our country is stronger, fairer and more prosperous when led by the Conservatives should reflect that the consequence of not changing will be to hand over the country to others who do not share these values. Today’s decision is change or lose. I will vote for change “.

Jeremy Hunt was defeated by Boris Johnson in the 2019 leadership contest and has not hidden his ambitions to be prime minister ever since, although he has yet to make another leadership bid.

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 10:58 AM


Conservative MPs publicly support Boris Johnson in tonight’s vote

Boris Johnson needs the support of 180 MPs to survive the censure vote. With the brokers betting on the survival of the Prime Minister, below is a list of 44 MPs and counting who have declared their support for Boris Johnson.

A majority in the cabinet has expressed support for the prime minister, but later MPs have also pledged to stay with Mr Johnson in tonight’s vote.

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 10:50 AM


Boris Johnson backed to win Confidence Vote, but odds of leaving this year – Betfair Exchange

According to the Betfair Exchange, Boris Johnson is 2/5 to win a vote of confidence in his Conservative party leadership after the motion was activated this morning.

However, the Prime Minister has a 5/6 chance of leaving the number 10 this year. Jeremy Hunt is the 9/2 favorite to replace Johnson as Conservative leader, while Liz Truss, who has backed her colleague on social media, is 7/1 to succeed him.

Smarkets has Boris Johnson with a 73 percent chance of winning the vote tonight – it was closer to 50/50 when it was first announced this morning, but the chance of winning it has increased.

Jeremy Hunt is the current favorite to succeed Johnson as Conservative leader, though his odds are only 17 percent. Liz Truss (12 percent), Penny Mordaunt (11 percent) and Tom Tugendhat (11 percent) are the only other contenders with a two-figure chance.

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 10:40 AM


“Judgment Day” for Boris Johnson – says Sir Ed Davey

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said the vote of confidence marks “trial day” for the prime minister.

“It’s trial day for Conservative MPs and their disorderly prime minister,” he tweeted.

“If they fail to fire Boris Johnson, it will be an insult to all those who made sacrifices and suffered while he was partying.”

It comes as Scottish Secretary Alister Jack backs the Prime Minister in Monday’s confidence vote.

Jack, who has never hesitated in his support of Boris Johnson during Partygate, said he “had no doubt” that other Conservative MPs would also support the Prime Minister and keep him on Downing Street.

“The Prime Minister has my full support and I will vote to support him tonight,” he said.

“He is showing great leadership as we face great challenges at home and abroad.

“I have no doubt that my parliamentary party colleagues will vote to show their confidence in the Prime Minister.”

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 10:25 AM


In his first public statement since the vote of confidence was announced, Boris Johnson chose to focus on the war in Ukraine

The Prime Minister’s allies have warned that the Russian invasion is a reason why the leader should not be changed. Johnson highlighted the UK’s supply of rocket artillery systems to Ukraine.

“We cannot stand idly by as long-range Russian artillery crushes cities and kills innocent civilians,” he said.

“The United Kingdom will provide the Ukrainian armed forces with multiple rocket launch systems so that they can effectively repel the ongoing Russian attack.”

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 10:15 AM


Sir Keir Starmer said the public’s mood had changed with a “general feeling that this man is not really telling the truth”.

Speaking to LBC about the upcoming vote of confidence in Boris Johnson by Conservative MPs, Sir Keir said: “I think the mood has changed.

“I think the public has decided on this man. They don’t think he’s really telling the truth about many, many things, not just the party party, but just the general feeling that this man isn’t really telling the truth. ( he) cannot be trusted.

The Labor leader also said: “We have a prime minister trying to hold on to his job and most people would say, ‘Your job is to help me overcome the cost of living crisis and you don’t because “You’re distracted.”

Sir Keir said that even if Mr Johnson won, “I think history tells us that this is the beginning of the end.

“If we look at the previous examples of censorship votes, even when the Conservative prime ministers survived them, they could survive tonight, the damage is already done and they usually fall reasonably quickly afterwards.”

(POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 10:00 AM


Partygate is not the only problem – says MP Jesse Norman

MP Jesse Norman has been speaking after withdrawing his support for Boris Johnson.

The former minister told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that there is “a clear picture of a much broader set of concerns” that go beyond the Partygate scandal.

The Hereford and South Herefordshire MP says it extends to “basic political issues” such as the government’s plan to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda and the “potential breach” of the Northern Ireland Protocol. the Brexit agreement.

There is, he adds, a “deep concern” for the way politics is being managed, with the creation of “dividing lines and cultural warfare and political disagreement” when “unifying” and “positive” leadership is needed.

Norman says another “issue” is about what he calls “gradual centralization of power” at No. 10, adding that Johnson is not president. and it would be a “very serious mistake” to treat him as one.

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 9:45 AM


Boris Johnson will address Conservative MPs ahead of the censure vote

Boris Johnson will address Conservative lawmakers later Monday as he fights to save his post as prime minister.

The Prime Minister will speak to the 1922 Conservative Committee of Deputies ahead of the Monday evening confidence vote. It comes as a one-page note has been distributed to Conservative MPs urging them to avoid a “divisive and hurtful” leadership contest that “will only benefit Keir Starmer”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (PA)

(PA child)

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More ministers support Boris Johnon

Community Secretary Michael Gove expressed support for the Prime Minister, tweeting: “I will vote for Boris tonight. The Prime Minister made the right decisions about Brexit and Covid.

“We must now focus on defending Ukraine, boosting leveling and generating growth. We must overcome this momentum and unite behind Boris to meet these challenges.”

Conservative Party President Oliver Dowden tweeted: “I will vote for Boris Johnson in tonight’s vote of confidence.

“He has shown real leadership in getting the big calls as prime minister: Brexit, vaccines, reopening and Ukraine.

“I hope that after this vote we can unite and focus on the future. We face the great challenges united and focused on delivery.”

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 9:35 AM


NEW: Rishi Sunak announces support for Prime Minister

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has stated his support for Boris Johnson in tonight’s censure vote.

Writing on Twitter, Sunak said: “From the launch of the vaccine to our response to Russian aggression, the Prime Minister has demonstrated the strong leadership our country needs.

“I support it today and will continue to support it as we focus on growing the economy, addressing the cost of living and eliminating Covid delays.”

Thomas Kingsley June 6, 2022 9:28 AM

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