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2022 F1 Canadian Grand Prix: back in Gilles’ backyard

Max Verstappen wants to emphasize his dominance from pole position in today’s Canadian Grand Prix with the conditions of the tests throwing another interesting wrinkle as he aims for a second world championship. The Red Bull driver has been untouchable in the rain as it rains bugs and mechanical problems over the parade of his closest rivals.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve saw Fernando Alonso secure second place in the standings for Alpine, Carlos Sainz starts third with Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton, despite his very public complaints about the state of the Mercedes W13 car, is once again at the top of the field , with the seven. -time world champion getting fourth for the Silver Arrows. Special praise should also come for the Haas team, which has blocked the third row of the grid thanks to Kevin Magnussen in fifth and Mick Schumacher in sixth.

Don’t expect Alonso to be successful from the start today, which creates a fascinating prospect when the lights go out: “The goal is to lead the race on the first lap. First turn, maximum attack. And after that, they can go and fight, but it will be nice, sweet to lead the race. “While Verstappen added,” Fernando is getting a little old, but he’s still very fast, “Verstappen said. I know it starts very well, you know, so I have to be prepared. Being in the front row with Fernando; He used to watch F1 as a child, see Fernando up there and win his races and championships and put him in pole position. So sharing the front row is a nice thing. “Follow all the latest updates as we move into this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix:

201st Canadian F1 Grand Prix

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Slater says Russell has made an important “point” in Hamilton in Canada

George Russell will start eighth for tonight’s Canadian Grand Prix after his dry rehearsal bet didn’t pay off in yesterday’s qualifying sessions.

Russell insisted he could have finished third or fourth if he had stayed with intermediate tires, which would have put him ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton who qualified P4. Sky Sports journalist Craig Slater believes Russell was making an opinion about his own ability in relation to Hamilton.

“I heard George Russell say he could have been third or fourth if he hadn’t made the high-risk bet with dry tires,” Slater said. “Almost saying a little bit that Lewis might not have outdone me yesterday.”

Dan Austin19 June 2022 18:25


Kravitz calls Vettel “incongruous” with the climate change conflict

Sky Sports F1 report Ted Kravitz has called Sebastian Vettel’s decision on a helmet denouncing a climate problem “incongruous”.

The design of the German Grand Prix of Canada helmet draws attention to oil sands mining, but it also includes the logo of Aramco, the hugely rich Saudi Arabian oil company sponsored by its Aston Martin team.

“Sebastian Vettel wears a kind of darker helmet screaming, or striking, I should say with his credentials of environmental activism, Canada’s climate crime, I think he calls it, which deals with tar sands “Kravitz explained. “It’s a bit incongruous because at the top of its hull is this big type of pipeline, and of course they’re sponsored by Aramco. The Saudi oil company. The richest company in the world.

“So there’s this kind of logo of the Saudi oil company and then this big tube of oil on Seb’s hull.” Kravitz shrugged in confusion and added, “I mean, okay Seb, listen, of course I’m with you, but you know what I mean.”

Dan Austin19 June 2022 18:20


Perez is determined to “attack the Canadian Grand Prix.”

Sergio Perez insists he aims to “attack” the Canadian Grand Prix after qualifying a low 13th for this evening’s race.

The Mexican is the closest challenger to Max Verstappen’s title as things stand, but he didn’t make it to the final part of the standings after squatting against the barriers on turn 3 in wet conditions. Now the 32-year-old is looking forward.

“It’s a mistake on my part, so I’m very sorry for my team,” Perez told Sky Sports F1. “It simply came to our notice then. Tomorrow I will try to minimize the damage and I will only attack from the first round and we will see where we go “.

Dan Austin19 June 2022 18:12


Wolff reveals that he almost left Mercedes in 2020

Mercedes team director Toto Wolff has revealed that he almost left Formula One in 2020 after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Austrian has overcome a golden age of success with the Brackley team, winning the constructors’ championship every season since 2014 and managing Lewis Hamilton in six of his seven driver titles. After spending almost a year thinking about leaving, he decided to stay.

“It was ten months that were very difficult for me,” he explained. “Also mentally, I gave it my all for almost eight years and I felt burned to a certain extent. Also, my contract was due to expire and I could have sold my shares. All this provoked an internal conflict: ‘Do I want to stay in Formula 1? Can I still make my contribution? Or can someone else do the job better? In the end I chose Mercedes and Formula 1, that’s where I found my place. “

Dan Austin June 19, 2022 6:04 PM


Zhou is looking for twice as many Alfa Romeo points in Canada

Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu says Alfa Romeo should aim for twice as many points at the Canadian Grand Prix after finishing 10th and 11th.

Chinese driver Zhou reached the final part of the standings for the first time in his rookie season yesterday, and is optimistic that the team can take advantage with a rare double score in Montreal.

“We have to keep fighting for points,” he said. “Let’s see the performance. Let’s start quite together, maybe we can do something to get the two cars to the points. Being closing this gap, being learning from Valtteri, is definitely the key and has been very useful so far this season.” .

Dan Austin19 June 2022 17:57


Verstappen criticizes Mercedes drivers and says they should “speak for themselves”

Max Verstappen has criticized Lewis Hamilton and George Russell for talking about porpoise problems, saying the couple should “speak for themselves”.

Mercedes drivers have suffered intense bounces throughout the season and have spoken publicly about the need for the FIA ​​to be regulated against this issue for health and safety reasons. Verstappen has not suffered such a severe porpoise at his Red Bull, and is frustrated by the public accounts of Hamilton and Russell about the injuries and difficulties they have faced.

“It’s not just him, it’s also his teammate,” Verstappen said. “They speak for other people. They should just focus on themselves and say what they think. So just speak for themselves instead of involving other people.”

Dan Austin June 19, 2022 5:50 p.m.


Excited button for turn 1 action in Canada

Former Formula One world champion Jenson Button says he “can’t wait” for the top drivers to get to turn 1 in Montreal after the lights go out.

The former Brawn GP driver won arguably the most exciting Canadian Grand Prix of all time with McLaren in 2011, coming from the bottom of the field twice to get the victory on the last lap, and expect fires Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso in front.

“There’s a lot of respect between them,” he told Sky Sports F1. “But I’m looking forward to turn 1. Fernando is very good at the starts, very good in the first laps and quite aggressive off the line.”

Dan Austin19 June 2022 17:42


Verstappen promises to be “ready” for Alonso’s bold start

Max Verstappen has vowed to be “ready” for a daring start of Fernando Alonso behind him at the start of tonight’s Canadian Grand Prix.

The Dutchman aims to extend his lead in the world championship and, with his closest rivals Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc, starting out of the top ten, will set his sights on a controlled start before achieving a good advantage in Montreal.

“I know it starts really well, you know, so I have to be prepared,” Verstappen said.

“Of course, I still hope that it will not be an easy race, but I think that today with the complicated conditions, we have kept calm, we have not made any mistakes and we have had the right calls in Q3. That much is clear [I’m] Very happy with that, you know, to get the pole position here and also to be back here in Montreal, it’s been a while and it’s great to see all the fans. “

Dan Austin June 19, 2022 5:36 PM


Alonso promises a “maximum attack” on Verstappen at the start of the race

Fernando Alonso will be second on the grid for the first time since 2012 this evening, and promises to give Max Verstappen a tough time on turn 1.

The Spaniard is a two-time world champion and his experience was vital in yesterday’s qualifying session, where he mastered the humid conditions to put his Alpine in the front row as the Dutchman’s closest rival. Now the 40-year-old is determined to try to take the lead from the start.

“Well, the goal is to lead the race on the lap,” Alonso explained. “This is turn 1, maximum attack. And after that, they can go and fight. But it would be good, sweet, to lead the race. I think it will be difficult to keep the pack back, but we did it in Baku a week ago. , so tomorrow we will try to make our car very wide “.

Dan Austin19 June 2022 17:26


Schumacher says Canada’s qualifying performance shows he deserves a seat in F1

Haas driver Mick Schumacher says the sixth-place finish during yesterday’s wet session in Montreal shows he deserves a seat in Formula One.

The 23-year-old German’s place has been questioned by some experts and fans this season, as he is one of only two …

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