Police accuse teenager of killing Canberra man Glenn Walewicz after 12 months of investigation

A Canberra teen has been charged with the murder of Glenn Walewicz after a 12-month police investigation.

Key points:

  • An 18-year-old man is behind bars after facing the court accused of murder
  • Police say the two people charged so far with the death in the shooting were not known to the victim
  • Investigators have yet to determine the cell phone or find the murder weapon

Walewicz, 48, died after being shot at the front door of his home in Phillip, south of Canberra, in June last year.

Police arrested an 18-year-old Page yesterday and charged him with murder.

This morning he briefly confronted the ACT juvenile court, as he was 17 at the time of the murder.

He did not apply for bail and was detained until his next court appearance, scheduled for later this month.

The arrest comes after police charged Reatile Ncube, 19, last week with a supplement after the murder.

Mr Ncube clashed on Saturday in the ACT investigative court, where he was arrested.

Glenn Walewicz died after being shot at the front door of his Phillip home in June 2021. (ABC News: David Sciasci)

“Good old-fashioned police work” led to arrests

Detective Inspector Mark Steel said police were still trying to determine the motive for the murder and that it could have been a case of misidentification.

“Police believe Mr. Walewicz did not know the 19-year-old and the 18-year-old,” he said.

Detective Inspector Steel said the case had been “a real idiot” with “very little information” initially.

“It was a good old-fashioned police job that has taken us to where we are today,” he said.

“[It’s involved] hundreds of hours of CCTV footage, analysis of telephone coverage and also talking to numerous witnesses.

“This has not been an easy investigation, it has lasted 12 months so far, and it is certainly a testament to the tenacity and dedication of all members involved, from homicide detectives to our support areas.” .

Detective Inspector Steel says police have not yet determined the motive for the murder. (ABC News: David Sciasci)

Police are calling for help in finding the murder weapon

Detective Inspector Steel said he hoped more arrests would be made and called on the public for more information.

“We still have to get the gun back,” he said.

“We believe that there are people in the community who know the whereabouts of this firearm.

“Therefore, we are calling for these people to come to us or contact Crime Stoppers, and they can do so anonymously.”

Detective Inspector Steel said he hoped the arrests would “provide some comfort” to Mr Walewicz’s relatives.

“Knowing that homicide detectives are still on the road with these 12 months on the road,” he said.

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