Amber Heard’s lawyer says he was seen crying in the courtroom after Johnny Depp’s trial

A man in court on the last day of the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp claims to have seen Mrs Heard’s lawyer go to the toilets in tears.

Amber Heard’s lawyer was seen making a quick exit from the courtroom to go to the bathroom crying at the end of the last day of the high-profile trial.

Elaine Bredehoft began to cry before going to the bathroom, and appeared shortly after with the appearance of someone who had been crying, a spectator said who was in court.

It’s not clear why he might have been upset with Bredehoft. has contacted her for comments.

The suspected breakdown came after six brutal weeks of witnessing Mrs. Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, along with several respective witnesses.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $ 50 million ($ 67 million) to imply that he abused her in 2018. Washington Post op-ed. Although she did not name him, he claims his allegations are false and cost him lucrative roles in the movies.

Heard has filed a lawsuit, claiming $ 100 million ($ 134 million A) and alleging that he suffered “physical violence and rampant abuse” at his hands.

Both teams presented their closing arguments to the jury on Friday (local time), after which it appears Ms Bredehoft was seen in an emotional state.

A frequent court official, who operates a Twitter account called “jamesfromcourt,” said in a tweet: “Late after the trial, before the jury returned home, #ElaineBredehoft went to the bathroom crying. We all felt terrible. for her. After we left, we tried to make her smile. I hope she helped. ”

She later commented that “it must be difficult for her to deal with all this public attention.”

He later appeared in a YouTube video to share more details about what he claims to have seen.

“It was around 5pm, just before the jury decided they were going home for that day,” he told Andy Signore, the man behind the canal.

“Almost everyone had left, but there were a few people around, just in case. [reached] a verdict.

“Three of us were standing outside the bathroom when we saw her basically not running, but entering the bathroom very quickly crying. And then one of them was going to come in after her, but another woman also went into the bathroom.” .

He added that when Mrs. Bredehoft came out of the bathroom she appeared to have a “red nose” as if “she had been blowing her nose or something.”

“She looked a little better, but … we noticed. She was very visible, because she also cried a couple of times in court that we noticed. So we had all said something about it, like … we feel so bad for her.

“So after he came out, we all said,‘ Hey, you’re doing a great job. It must be very hard. We understand. It’s not you and things. She smiled and said thank you and then went back to the courtroom, “he said.

Former LA District Attorney Emily D. Baker said there was no “shame” in crying after such a difficult case.

“This was going to be a difficult case for Elaine.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“The six – week tests are exhausting.

“So I don’t blame her for crying, it’s a very humane response after a very long test.”

The jury will continue its deliberations later today.

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