Clear sky in the middle of the island that allows an unobstructed view of a rare planetary alignment

No special equipment is needed to detect stellar phenomena, as they are all bright enough to be visible to the naked eye.

Arkos said they will even be visible in the most populated areas of the city, though he suggested moving away from light pollution to get the best effect.

“Just before the sun rises is when you have the best chance of catching all these planets,” Arkos added. “The hardest part will be Mercury because it’s so close to the sun in the sky, so you have to wait literally until the sun is about to come out to see Mercury in the sun’s glare.”

The event reaches its peak before sunrise on Friday, meaning those who want to see them should set an alarm at 4am and be in position at 4:30am looking towards the ‘East.

A clear view of the sky to the horizon from northeast to southeast is key.

With little cloud in the forecast, star observers will have a chance to see variations in alignment with the moon through June 27th.

The planetary alignment will be visible in varying degrees until July 6, when Mercury will disappear in sunlight.

“You’ll see them change as time goes on because of course they move at different rates in the sky, so they won’t keep that particular setting exactly, it will change over time,” Arkos said.

Following this planetary alignment event, the attention of Arkos and his fellow astronomers is directed at the James Webb Deep Space Telescope, which will release its first official images on July 12th.

Capture five planets in plain sight lined up in the morning sky on Friday, June 24th. The last time this rare and orderly planetary alignment occurred was in 2004. And it won’t happen again for almost 20 years[read:fototwittercom/68BJzecyqf[readmore:pictwittercom/68BJzecyqf[llegirmés:fototwittercom/68BJzecyqf[readmore:pictwittercom/68BJzecyqf

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