George Kambosos loses weight in a great drama before Haney’s struggle

In an impressive turn of events, Australian lightweight champion George Kambosos has lost weight before his fight with Devin Haney.

The Australian weighed 135.36 pounds (61.39 kg) and 140 grams above the 135-pound limit and now has two hours to lose weight to defend his belts.

Kambosos exceeded the limit, then tried to undress, but was still overweight.

Haney gained weight and reached 134.92 pounds (61.19 kg).

The American mocked his Australian rival, saying: “It’s not s —, it doesn’t matter” and made his entourage overshadow Cambosos.

Speaking at the Main Event, Jeff Fenech called the bankruptcy “unprofessional”, but he still expects the Australian to gain weight when he returns.

“He’s going to do a little sauna and a jump, he’s not doing a lot of weight, he’s going to do it,” Fenech said. “For me, you always come and check the weight on the official scale.

“He said he checked them at the hotel and told him he was in weight. A bit disappointing. It’s a common protocol for you to go and check the official balance.

“These days we’re so professional that we have access to official scales before weighing, so use them. Although it won’t take that long (to gain weight), you can play with your head a little bit.”

Without weight, the fight will continue and Kambosos will give up his belts. Haney can still be champion if he wins on Sunday.

The two camps warmed up during the usual confrontation, with Kambosos’ father, Jim, making an exception to the insults leveled at his son.

In more good news for Haney, his coach and father Bill has been approved for a travel visa and is expected to arrive at the AEST on Saturday night for the fight. The family patriarch was initially rejected by a criminal conviction 30 years ago.


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