How to Book Your 13-Inch MacBook Pro M2

Apple may have announced during the WWDC presentation that the MacBook Pro M2 would not arrive until July, but pre-orders open before that: Apple has announced that the MacBook Pro M2 will be available for order this Friday 17 June. Here is everything you have. you need to know about the new laptop.

What’s new in the MacBook Pro M2?

Before we talk about how to place a pre-order, let’s take a look at what’s new on the machine. It’s basically just the processor. Apple has not changed anything in terms of design or features of the laptop, so if you like the current model with Touch Bar, it will be faster. It doesn’t have MagSafe or notch, though it will be a bit faster than the MacBook Air in some circumstances due to its advanced cooling system.

When will the MacBook Pro M2 go on sale?

The new MacBook Pro will go on sale on Friday, June 17 at 5 am PT. (6h MDT, 7h CDT and 8h EDT). In the UK, sales will start at 1pm and 10pm in Sydney, Australia.

How can you book the new MacBook Pro?

There are a few things you can do now to facilitate pre-ordering and improve your chances of getting one in the unlikely event that stocks are limited.

Step 1 – Create or verify your Apple Store account now

It’s a good idea to check the account you use to shop with Apple now. You don’t want to find that you need to enter a new credit card or alternate delivery address when you try to order your new Apple product. It is best to check it now, as it is very likely that Apple will disconnect the Apple Store before the product launch. Here’s how to check your Apple Store account:

  1. Click this link to find a summary of your Apple account activity.
  2. Sign in with your password or tap or Face ID.
  3. Please check that your delivery address is still correct.
  4. Check if a current credit card appears as a payment method.

Step 2: Save the model you want in the Apple Store app

You can choose the MacBook Pro settings you want in the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad. Just run the options and click Add to saved items.

Once the pre-order is open, you should be able to quickly find it in the Saved Items as soon as the store is back online. To locate your saved items in the Apple Store app, click your icon at the top right and scroll down and tap Saved items.

Step 3: Set the alarm for Friday

Especially if you’re in California, where you have a very early start at 5am!

Where to Buy Your MacBook Pro

You do not need to buy directly from Apple. There are many Apple resellers who will gladly sell you a MacBook Pro, and some may even offer pre-order discounts. We’ll update the following graphics as stores begin selling the new laptop.

13-inch MacBook Pro, M2, 256 GB ($ 1,299 / £ 1,349)

£ 1349

13-inch MacBook Pro, M2, 512 GB ($ 1,499 / £ 1,549)

£ 1549

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