Live updates for the 2022 election: AEC confirms positive voters for COVID-19 vote by phone while Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese embark on the last day of campaigning across the country

The telephone voting queues will be long, the Australian Electoral Commissioner has warned.

“We will work to make sure the queues are as smooth as possible, but I’m just pointing out to everyone that this is a one-time emergency project and it will be an erratic experience,” Tom Rogers said. told ABC RN Breakfast.

Telephone voting is available to anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 after last Friday evening, but requires a member of the election commission staff to read the ballot to potential voters.

“Think about it for a minute: the Senate ballot in NSW has a large number of candidates. That takes time,” he said.

There will be no ability to call people back if there are long phone queues, but Rogers said there are some things people could do to help.

“When you sign up, you can jump in online and take a look at the ballots. And we’d ask you to do that so you really know what you’d like to do when you call us, that will really help everyone,” he said.

Illustration: Matt GoldingCredits: The Age

“If you use the telephone voting service, think of all the others. Go ahead, do your research and be prepared to go, this will really help you. “


State Secretary-General Ben Morton confirmed earlier this morning that the federal government would allow those who tested positive for the virus last week to vote by phone, even if they could not register for a vote. by mail. .

“Any voter who tested positive for COVID-19 after 6pm on Friday 13 May will be able to access the Secure Telephone Voting service,” it said in a statement.

“It is important that every Australian who is registered and has the right to vote can exercise his or her democratic right and this change guarantees that.”

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