Pollica Summer Workshop, 3rd appointment with Science – from June 6, 2022

The third edition of the Pollica Summer Workshop will begin on June 6 and is scheduled to run until July 1 at the Castello dei Principi Capano. The event, which has the support of the Campania region and the municipality of Pulica, is promoted by the Steering Committee of the Pulica Physics Center, in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the University of Salerno and the University of Naples.

Cilento Village will be transformed into a true center for discussion and comparison of mathematical structures that describe the fundamental laws of the universe and will host more than 80 physicists from 15 countries on three different continents. The avant-garde goal is to bring together theoretical and experimental physicists who share a predisposition for interdisciplinarity, as well as the intention to investigate the links between theory and experiment in order to solve some of the great mysteries of the universe.

“Italy is proud of a tradition of excellence in the field of theoretical physics, especially in the study of high energy,” said Mario Marton, chairman of the PPC Steering Committee and professor of theoretical physics. at King’s College London. With this premise, we set ourselves the goal of making the south of Italy, Campania in particular, a place of international confrontation, in which a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions on the most complex theories of matter is encouraged ”.

“The research spectrum at Polica is expanding every year. In 2022, for example, we will be dealing with real theories for the first time, as well as the search for dark matter, a component of the universe whose many properties we still ignore, “added Angelo Esposito, vice chairman of the Steering Committee and researcher on Princeton Institute for Advanced Study (New Jersey – USA) “Our goal is to create a permanent center of study, as a point of reference for academics around the world, outside of college classrooms,” concludes Chiara Toldo. PPC Steering Committee and Researcher at Harvard University (Massachusetts – USA).

Pollica, home of the Mediterranean diet, is preparing to become a center for international high-energy physics conferences, hosted in the rooms of the Castle of the Capano Princes in a dual session: winter and summer. The initiative also aimed to support the economic development of the region outside the high tourist season. In fact, researchers will remain in a “scattered” situation in nine accommodations managed by the Pollica Città Slow Host & Food Consortium.

“Scientific research is one of the pillars of the competitive development strategies of the Campania region. Specifically, ‘physics’ is positioned among the areas of excellence in the territory, thanks to our universities and research centers such as the INFN, the INAF and the Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory, as well as the participation of Campania researchers in projects with such exciting results as photographing a black hole. The Pollica Summer Workshop fits into this unique context and is of strategic importance for disseminating and promoting research in Campania, and highlights Pollica and Campania at the center of the global scientific debate, “says Valeria Fascione, research, innovation and startup consultant for the Campania region.

“The Pollica Summer Workshop is a scientific event of great importance – adds the mayor of Pollica Stefano Pisani – which, together with other moments of research and study that we usually host in Pollica, is transforming our Earth into a laboratory natural from the cradle of studies on the longevity of the Mediterranean diet. And its habitat is trying to become a model for the future of marginal regions. We are pleased to have become an international benchmark for scientists around the world, who will find many incentives here to feed their research and studies. ”

“We have enthusiastically accepted the invitation to be among the promoters of a scientific initiative characterized by high-caliber properties – says Salvatore de Pasquale, director of the Department of Physics at the University of Salerno, who has always been involved in leading research in both theoretical and experimental high-energy physics. We welcome our territory, its most exciting corners, scholars and scientists from around the world who face new reflections and ideas on complex issues while encouraging the communication of these ideas to the general public. This creates a unique opportunity for cultural exchange, bringing even non-experts closer to the scientific topics of reference. “

“The synergy created between the organizers of the Pollica Summer Workshop – says Giuliana Fiorello, full professor at the University of Naples Federico 2 – embodies the spirit with which we work in the initiative: cooperation, discussion and broadening of perspectives in order to of globalization. research into the reality around us ”.

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