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Apple’s MagSafe system has shaken up the accessory industry in some very important way, but as Apple is Apple, it only comes alongside Android through third parties. Peak Design, a company best known for its camera equipment, has a similar system that works not only with MagSafe products, but also with the brand’s set of accessories. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to use the Peak Design Everyday Case for Google’s Pixel 6 Pro and really nail the whole experience.

Peak Design Case for Pixel 6: The Basics

Basically, the Peak Design Everyday case for Pixel 6 is just that – a case you’ll use every day. And really, it’s a solid choice.

While I don’t think Peak is moving forward with the actual design of its box, it’s a good balance. The subtle black and gray look appeals to the crowd, and I like Peak to reflect the two-tone look of the Pixel.

The plastic on the sides of the box is adherent and reaches a good midpoint between protection and thinness. It even has a decent sized “lip” above the screen that still rises above my screen saver … The case doesn’t look bulky. The buttons are also comfortable. They don’t destroy the tactile feel of the buttons below, but they are no longer particularly clicks. One negative I noticed was the cut for the charging port, which is a bit thin. The USB-C cable that comes with the Pixel will fit well, but anything bigger won’t.

The fabric backing of the box is a bit of a mixed bag. As for the texture, it is excellent. The rough material is comfortable on the hand as long as it doesn’t get stained in the few weeks I’ve been using the cover. The nylon canvas material is also sure to stand the test of time; The only real problem with my book is that the back of the fabric doesn’t really feel like a fabric. I wish they looked more like Google’s older Pixel cases, but at least that’s better than nothing.

The case also holds the phone tightly, an important note that will follow later. It’s not so tight that the cover is a struggle to take off or put on, but it’s also not loose in any way.

I have to mention a warning here: the screen of my Pixel 6 Pro broke while I was in this case. I don’t blame the Peak Design case for the damage, and in the end, there was no physical damage to the phone. The panel of the screen under the glass is the one that was damaged during a fall in this case. More on that here. Peak claims 6-foot fall protection for this case, and that was maintained in terms of physical damage.

Would another case have prevented it? Possibly! But I can’t blame Peak for this. There was no physical damage, so this comes down to my own clumsy self and my own Pixel. The case did its job.

While I would love for Peak to incorporate some colors into its cases, and maybe even some different materials for the lower half, I’m very happy with that look and feel. I really didn’t want to use any other cases in my collection while using this one. “Everyday” is a good name, because the look and feel really aligns with it.

MagSafe & Peak Design

But the real appeal of Peak Design’s Pixel 6 case is what you can do with it. This case can use the Peak line of supports and accessories that are magnetically connected to the back of the phone thanks to the strong magnets inside the case itself. This is like Apple’s MagSafe, and this case really sold me the idea of ​​Apple.

Peak uses a slightly different set of magnets compared to Apple in their cases, but the end result is that virtually any MagSafe accessory will work with a Pixel 6 while using this Peak Design case. I was able to easily use an Anker charger, a thin leather wallet, and more while using this case. This is not because these accessories are designed to work with Peak, but because the Peak system works seamlessly with the MagSafe ecosystem, at least on a physical level.

The magnetic link of any decent MagSafe accessory, such as the Anker charger shown below, is very strong. The fabric backing also gives grip, which means you won’t see your phone fall off a stand, or worse, the wallet will come off easily.

It just … works.

How does the Peak Design system stand out?

And while it’s great to be able to use Peak Design cases with any other MagSafe product, the real star of the show is Peak’s own system. In addition to the magnets, the Peak Design Everyday case for Pixel 6 has a square dot on the back that can be used with Peak holders. This provides a much stronger link than magnets alone, to the point that your phone is more likely to fall out of the case than the case to fall off the mount, which is a rock-solid connection.

So far, I’ve spent some quality time with three of Peak Design’s accessories.

Mobile wallet

My most used accessory has been Peak’s thin mobile wallet. The $ 50 accessory only connects to magnets and is made of the same nylon canvas material as the back of the case. Right now, MagSafe-compatible wallets are a dime a dozen, but I think Peak’s stands out from the crowd by making a simple offer: it has more than one card or two.

When Apple’s official MagSafe wallet set the trend of being able to hold only a couple of cards in the back of your phone, Peak Design’s Slim Wallet could replace your traditional wallet. The loose fabric design gives you more room for movement so you can hold many cards at once: Peak claims it reaches 7.

In my case, however, I found this pocket more useful for storing my primary credit card, a driver’s license, a folded document that I always have on hand, and cash. Personally, I’m always worried about leaving home with no cash, and it’s easy to store some tickets in this wallet.

Regardless of what you do with the extra space, I think Peak is the top choice for a portfolio like this. In fact, it can hold everything I need and right now it has completely replaced my normal wallet.

A phone wallet with space for cash ?? – Revolutionary!

There’s also a support version of this portfolio that I haven’t tried, but it seems worth considering if you watch a lot of mobile videos.

Mobile tripod

The main goal of the whole Peak system is to serve the creators. The best camera you have is the one you have with you, and some of Peak’s accessories make it a lot easier.

Like the wallet, the mobile tripod attaches magnetically, albeit with a wider area than a typical MagSafe accessory. This leads to a stable base for when you drop the phone, even though the tripod folds up to be incredibly thin. I also like that it also has a sloping design, which is more comfortable when holding the phone with the tripod connected.

The tripod can be mounted on the back of the phone in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, for portrait or landscape photography, respectively. The legs of the tripod come out easily from the back and only take a couple of seconds to put in place. I can’t say that these legs are perfect for all scenarios, but in my tests it has been quite easy to find a place to settle with a certain sense of stability. The ball head makes it easy to set up the right shot, and there is even a built-in tool to add extra tension to that joint.

This accessory is expensive at just $ 80, but can be one of the most useful videos on the go. This is the best companion for TikTok creators. The slim profile of the tripod combined with its stability is just a big win for everyone.

Mobile creators kit

The latter is the best friend of the photographer, rather than the general creators. If you have a traditional tripod around, and especially one of Peak’s capture clips, this accessory allows you to mount your phone in a way that won’t be released and can lead to some fun photos.

The tripod stand works with any generic tripod. In a pinch, since I already had my tripod from a photo shoot, I actually used this mount to make a video call with a partner. But in scenarios where a nature photographer is in the field, this frame could be a killer way to take a mobile photo, make a video, and more. It is also a perfect montage to take advantage of the Pixel’s astrophotography, as with a solid tripod, it will have no room for vibration in the connection.

I think there’s a lot of potential for that too with the Peak capture clip. This accessory can hold a camera in your belt or backpack, but also on your phone with mounting hardware included. Attached to a backpack, this could be a killer way to capture a walk or other outdoor adventure on video. And frankly, it’s one of the best deals on the $ 50 Peak line.

Stay tuned as we will be updating this article later with our Peak bike rack tests and I also intend to check out the car rack.

Is it worth it?

This is the potentially expensive question: Is the Peak Design case worth it for the average Pixel 6 owner? At $ 39.99, I think it’s worth buying yourself. Bring the best of Apple’s MagSafe to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with ease and high quality standards.

Where I’m a little mixed up is in the Peak accessories. Some of them are very expensive for what they bring to the table. The $ 80 mobile tripod is perhaps the hardest to order, but even so, it has impressive quality for that price, so it’s hard to say it’s not worth it.

If you only go with the Peak Design ecosystem, you can easily spend $ 200 or more without much thought. It just adds up quickly. But that is the beauty of this case. While you can spend a lot on high quality Peak options, you can also pick up any cheap MagSafe accessory you want on Amazon.

Peak has a winner here, and it’s one I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Where to buy the Peak Design case for Pixel 6 / Pro

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