Russia-Ukraine live last: Moscow “advances to the forefront” in Ukraine’s second city

Ukrainian troops have repulsed Russian attacks on villages near the eastern city of Severodonetsk, where the two armies have been fighting for weeks in bloody battles, Kyiv’s armed forces said on Sunday.

“Our units repulsed the assault on the Toshkivka area,” the Ukrainian military said on Facebook. “The enemy has retreated and is regrouping.”

He said Russian forces were “assaulting” the town of Orikhove, but that he had “successfully repelled” an assault near the village.

A day earlier, officials said fierce battles were taking place in settlements outside Severodonetsk, which they say is mostly, but not entirely, under Russian control.

“All the statements of the Russians who control Severodonetsk are lies. In fact, they control most of the city, but they do not control it at all,” local governor Sergi Gaiday told Telegram on Sunday.

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