Summary of current status of PS 2022

Sony celebrated its PS State of Play 2022 yesterday and it looks like it’s video game revelation season! Some of them included announcements of new titles, as well as confirmation of speculation. We also got to know some of the most beloved franchise remakes and sequels. Without further ado, let’s start with a summary of the highlights!

Resident Evil announcements at PS State of Play 2022

Image: Capcom

By far, some of the most exciting PS State of Play 2022 announcements included the Resident Evil franchise. The first one is something that has been rumored for a while: a remake of Resident Evil 4. Yes, that’s right, we will finally return to the world of this critically acclaimed action game.

Unfortunately, Capcom did not reveal much about the remake. We have a teaser trailer and a release date on March 24, 2023. They also confirmed that the game will arrive on Playstation 5 and PC, Xbox Series S and X Series. In addition, Capcom hinted at some additional content for reality systems. virtual, but did not. you don’t say much more than that.

Speaking of VR, Capcom also announced on PS State of Play 2022 that fans could soon feel even more terrified. Resident Evil Village will arrive on PlayStation VR2. If you have these virtual reality headsets, get ready to start shaking your boots again!

Capcom stated that it would be the full version of the survival horror game and would include new techniques. This includes changing weapons in the hands and physically raising the arms to attack enemies. I’m sure you’ll be scared!

Horizon updates to PS State of Play 2022

Image: Sony

One of the other exciting revelations in PS State of Play 2022 is the Horizon series. Guerrilla Games has announced that Horizon: Call of the Mountain will be released exclusively on PlayStation VR2. They even gave us a game trailer to see exactly what this experience will be like.

In addition, we also learned about some of the activities of the exclusive game. These include climbing and archery, which are sure to be a lot of fun in virtual reality. In addition to the story mode, there is also a “River Walk” mode, which consists of navigating a river.

In addition, the company made the official announcement of a major update to Horizon: Forbidden West. This got a special approach from the team and included a lot of new activities. You can now try to play with more difficult settings and graphical settings. It may have been announced on PS State of Play 2022, but the update is now available to play!

Final Fantasy 16 announcement

Image: Square Enix

Another highly anticipated upcoming game is Final Fantasy 16. At PS State of Play 2022, we’ve finally got more! Square Enix was generous enough to offer us a game trailer and an approximate release date: the summer of 2023.

So far, we know that many of the show’s iconic characters will return. These include Shiva, Odin, Phoenix, Tian and many more. Oh, and the main character Clive Rosfield, of course! From the trailer, we can say that the Eikons will have a great party to play in this first part game.

Street Fighter 6 game trailer

Image: Capcom

Our last, but not least, major announcement of the game on PS State of Play 2022 was Street Fighter 6. We had known for a long time that the game would arrive, but Capcom confirmed that it will be released in 2023. They also revealed that it can play to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X and Series S.

In the game trailer, we had an exclusive look at Capcom’s RE engine. Previously, they used this engine to create Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 7. It makes a noticeable difference with previous video game engines because of the better graphics. This allows for a much more immersive experience.

Fortunately, Capcom also told PS State of Play 2022 that the iconic characters Chun-Li, Ryu and Luke would be in this latest game. We also saw a small picture of the newest member of the franchise, Jamie.

Clearly, PS State of Play 2022 was a full gaming conference, with many major revelations and updates. We’ve left a few others off this list, including the sequel to Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners and a remastered version of the Spider-Man games. What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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