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Tulsa shooting: Five killed in attack on medical clinic

Four people have died during an active shooter situation at an Oklahoma medical center, according to reports.

Tulsa police say there were several casualties on the second floor of the medical building and that the main shooter also died after the incident near St Francis Hospital, according to KJRH television.

“Earlier this afternoon, we responded to a call about a gunman with a rifle in the Natalie Building of St. Francis Hospital. This became an active shooter situation,” the Tulsa police on Facebook.

“Right now, we can confirm that the shooter is down right now. Officers are currently going through all the rooms in the building to see if there are any additional threats. We know there are multiple injuries and possibly multiple casualties.”

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Tulsa police update filming schedule.

ICYMI: Tulsa police say 911 dispatchers received the first call from an active shooter’s medical building at 4:52 p.m., and officers arrived three minutes later at 4:56 p.m.

Officials say officers contacted the suspect and the victims at an orthopedic center on the second floor of the building at 5:01 p.m.

Graeme Massie June 2, 2022 2:30 p.m.


The dramatic video emerges from the filming scene

Heavily armed police can be seen in the video, posted on Twitter, responding to the mass shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Graeme Massie June 2, 2022 2:16 AM


The Muskogee bomb threat has been investigated following a warning from Tulsa police

The Muskogee Police Department says they received advice from Tulsa police about a possible bomb in a home, according to 2News Oklahoma.

Neighbors have been asked to take refuge and avoid the area near the Country Club.

The department has not specifically said it is linked to the shooting.

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Police describe a dead gunman

The Tulsa Police Department says it has not yet identified the gunman, but described him at a news conference as a black man between the ages of 35 and 40.

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Oklahoma lawmaker responds to shooting

“A few moments ago, I spoke with Chief Wendell Franklin, who briefed me on the dire situation near St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa,” said GOP Rep. Kevin Hern.

“There are still many things we don’t know about what happened tonight in the Natalie building, but what we do know is this: they took many lives from us and many more changed forever. My prayers are with those who they have lost loved ones tonight. “

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The doctor and two nurses were shot dead, according to the report

Fox 23 reports that a Tulsa police source told the station that the three victims appeared to be a doctor and two nurses.

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A Tulsa gunman committed suicide, according to the report

Tulsa City Councilman Jayme Fowler told 6News that police had told him the gunman had committed suicide during the incident.

“Our thoughts and prayers go to these three victims and our police force has been trained, prepared for this and could have been even worse,” Fowler said.

“What I know so far is this, is that so far there are 4 dead, and one of them is the shooter, and they took their own lives, and there are three innocent spectators who have lost their lives.”

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Police confirm the death toll in the Tulsa shooting

“ACTIVE SHOOTER UPDATE: We can confirm that 4 people have died, including the shooter, in an active shooting situation on the campus of St. Francis Hospital. Officers are still cleaning the building. More information to follow,” he tweeted. the Tulsa Police Department.

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Police: three killed and one shot dead

The Tulsa Police Department has told reporters at the scene that three people were shot dead by a gunman, who was later killed by police.

(Facebook / TPD)

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Police are posting pictures of the shooting scene

(Facebook / TPD)

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