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Tulsa shooting: Five killed in attack on medical clinic

Authorities confirmed they had not found any explosives related to the bomb threat related to a shooting at a hospital in Tulsa that left four dead. The man, armed with a rifle and a pistol, committed suicide inside the St. Francis Hospital campus, police said.

Earlier, police were looking for a residence that was thought to belong to the suspect after Tulsa police said the shooter may have planted a bomb inside a house in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol bomb cleaned the house after finding no device inside, Muskogee Police Public Information Officer Lynn Hamlin confirmed.

“Earlier this afternoon, we responded to a call about a gunman with a rifle in the Natalie Building of St. Francis Hospital. This became an active shooter situation,” the Tulsa police on Facebook.

“Right now, we can confirm that the shooter is down right now. Officers are currently going through all the rooms in the building to see if there are any additional threats. We know there are multiple injuries and potentially multiple casualties.”

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Authorities are clarifying the bomb threat

Authorities removed the bomb threat in a Muskogee neighborhood after Oklahoma High Patrol bombers confirmed they had not found any explosive devices inside a home believed to belong to the Tulsa shooter. .

“At this time we have evacuated the house and alerted everyone in the area to stay at his home,” Muskogee Police Public Information Officer Lynn Hamlin was quoted as saying by USA Today.

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 8:05 AM


The shooter died from a “self-inflicted” bullet wound.

The Tulsa Police Department has not released the name of the shooter or any information about those shot due to an ongoing investigation at the scene.

At a news conference, Deputy Chief of Police Eric Dalgleish said the shooter was a black man, aged between 35 and 40.

He died of gunshot wounds believed to have been “self-inflicted”.

The suspect shooter “had a long pistol and a handgun on the scene at the time,” he said.

My colleague Shweta Sharma details in this report everything we know about the shooter:

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 7:46 AM


Tulsa shooting “not random”

The shooting at the Natalie building of the St. Francis “was not random,” Tulsa Police Chief Richard Meulenberg told the New York Times.

“This wasn’t an individual who just decided he wanted to go find a hospital full of random people. He deliberately decided to come here and his actions were deliberate.”

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 7:15 p.m.


The Tulsa shooting is a 233rd mass shooting incident

The United States has reported 233 incidents of mass shootings this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. This means that the country recorded about 46 shooting incidents every month.

Two people hug outside at Memorial High School, where people were evacuated from the scene of a shooting at the Natalie Medical Building on Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Namita Singh June 2, 2022 7:03 AM


“I knew something horrible was going on”

Jan Hodges, who works in Saint Francis, told News on the 6th that he was a few feet from where a gunman killed four people.

He told the dam that he was on the first floor of the Kelly Medical Building, located about 100 meters from the Natalie building when he saw a police officer pass by.

Emergency personnel respond to a shooting at the Natalie Medical Building on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 in Tulsa


“I just knew something horrible was going on. I mean, the police officers ran to a building with shields and rifles and I thought, you know, I’ve seen it in the news that you know several times in other areas,” he said. to say.

It was almost as if it were a repetition of something I had seen before. I really couldn’t believe it was happening on my own forest pass and I’m sick because I know people who work in the Natalie building and I’m scared of them and I don’t know anything about their well-being at this point.

Jan Hodges

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 7:01 AM


Recent shooting incidents in the US

Wednesday’s shooting also comes just over a week after the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde left 21 dead. About two weeks ago, a white man was accused of killing 10 blacks in a May 14 racist attack.

Memorial Day weekend saw several mass shootings across the country, including an open-air festival in Taft, Oklahoma, 45 miles from Tulsa, though incidents of a single death most killed by weapons.

An impromptu memorial to the victims of the shooting outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 27, 2022

(AFP via Getty Images)

Since January, there have been 12 shootings in which four or more people have been killed, according to the Associated Press / USA Today / Northeastern University massacre database.

These shootings have left 76 dead, including 31 adults and children in Buffalo and Texas, according to the database. The death toll does not include the suspects in the shootings.

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 6:46 AM


Senator James Lankford extends his condolences to the victims of the shooting

Republican Sen. James Lankford, expressing condolences to the families of the victims of the shootings, said, “Cindy and I are heartbroken to hear the devastating news from Tulsa tonight.”

“We pray for the families of the lives that were taken too soon and for a full recovery of the injured today,” he said.

It is difficult to process the anger that motivates someone to commit this violence, especially in a place that offers care and healing.

James Lankford

The senator added that he is in contact with Tulsa officials while praising law enforcement “for his quick reaction to prevent further loss of life.”

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 6:23 AM


“Act without a sense of violence and hatred”

In a statement condemning the Tulsa shooting, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt said it was “a senseless act of violence and hatred.”

“Sarah and I are praying for the families of those who lost their lives and for the injured,” he said.

“I am grateful for the swift and courageous actions of the Tulsa Police Department and other lifeguards who went out of their way to contain a terrible situation.”

The governor added that he has offered Mayor GT Bynum “any state resources that may be needed,” as he urged Oklahoma residents to “unite in support” of those affected by the violence.

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 6:16 AM


The witness recalls the moment when he realized that the shooting was taking place inside the hospital campus

Philip Tankersley, 27, was leaving his father’s room at nearby Saint Francis Hospital around 5 p.m., when hospital staff said there was an active shooter in the across the street, he locked the doors and warned them to stay away from the windows.

Tankersley said he and his mother took refuge in his father’s hospital room for more than an hour, trying to learn bits of information from the TV news and the nurses passing by.

In this photo of the pamphlet courtesy of the Tulsa Police Department, taken on June 1, 2022, police officers respond to a call about a man armed with a rifle in the Natalie Building.


He said they heard “silver code” and “level 1 trauma” advertised on hospital speakers and wondered if they were safe in the room. “I wasn’t particularly worried because the two people I have to keep an eye on were in this room. Same room as me,” he said.

“But it was definitely a time” this is happening here. “

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 5:42 AM


What do we know about the Tulsa Medical Building?

The St Francis health system closed its campus on Wednesday afternoon after receiving reports of an active shooter in the Natalie Medical Building.

The Natalie Building houses an outpatient surgery center and a breast health center.

On the second floor there is also an orthopedic clinic where officers discovered the shooter and several victims.

Emergency personnel work on site of shooting at Saint Francis Hospital campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma


“This campus is sacred ground for our community,” said Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum. “For decades, this campus has been a place where heroes come to work every day to save the lives of the people in our community.”

Namita Singh June 2, 2022 5:27 AM

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