Android trolls Apple hilarious on green bubbles with Drake’s new song

Android and Google have released an unofficial lyrics video for Drake’s new song ‘Texts Go Green’, taking the opportunity to find Apple for its lack of support for RCS messaging.

In a tweet on Sunday, Android said: “#TextsGoGreen impacted us differently, so we had to release this video explaining the unofficial lyrics.”

#TextsGoGreen impacted us differently, so we had to release this video explaining the unofficial letter #GetTheMessage 💚😏

– Android (@Android) June 18, 2022

The hilarious 40-second video says Drake’s new song “refers to the phenomenon when an iPhone user crashes” or tries to send text messages to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone, saying “it’s pretty hard anyway” .

Android then joked “if only a super-talented engineering team from Apple would fix this”, claiming that it was just a problem that Apple could fix and that Apple “just has to adopt RCS” to make messaging more secure and cross-platform friendly.

Google has previously asked Apple to adopt RCS to make messaging between platforms like iOS and Android less fragmented. The issue has become a topic of antitrust discussion, which has led some commentators to suggest that Apple is trying to keep people in its ecosystem and buying their best iPhones by making iMessage exclusive. The problem is largely limited to the U.S., where the proliferation of iPhones and the proportion of iPhones to Android devices is much higher. Elsewhere in the world, users often use a variety of cross-platform messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. RCS does not support end-to-end encryption such as WhatsApp or iMessage and has no cross-device support for use on desktops or laptops such as iMessage.

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