Officers respond to a domestic incident at Kim Foxx’s home: Police report

Police in the southern suburbs of Flossmoor were recently called to the home of Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx, whose husband called 911 during a domestic dispute with the prosecutor, according to a police report provided by sources .

At approximately 10:09 p.m. on Saturday, June 4, officers responded to the Foxx home when her husband, Kelley Foxx, called 911 to report a domestic incident related to his wife, according to the report. .

Kelley told officers that Kimberly, as Kim Foxx refers to the police report, was angry “about something posted on Facebook that she did,” the document said.

Then, when Kimberly asked him to leave, he refused, the officer pointed out. At that point, Kimberly “became physical,” and Kelley said she was prevented from getting out of the bathroom, police said.

Kimberly “grabbed his neck and threw his video game controller,” the report said. “She tried to turn on the TV and Kimberly snatched the controller from her hand and threw it.”

The officer wrote that while Kelley was explaining what happened, Kimberly said “this is all true.” Kelley told police Kimberly slapped her and indicated she was slapped on her left cheek, according to documents. The officer used his flashlight to see Kelley’s cheek and “did not notice any evidence to support his claim to have been beaten.” Kelley told officers she just wanted “someone to understand what was going on here,” Kimberly said she was “physically physically aggressive,” and she just wanted him to stop, authorities said.

Kimberly told police she got her hands on Kelley, but only to “help him get out of the house,” the officer noted. He also maintained that he did not slap Kelley, according to the report. When police asked Kimberly if she felt safe at home with Kelley, she said, “I mean he’s not crazy,” the report said. Both husband and wife reported to police that they have been together for more than 20 years and things “have never been done.” physical condition “.

Kimberly said she felt Kelley only called police to hurt her, according to the report.

Neither chose to leave the house after the incident.

In a joint statement, Kelley and Kim Foxx said, “This is a personal family matter and we ask that you give our family respect and privacy.”

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