WWDC 2022 Live Conference, with all updates to iOS 16, MacBook Air and AR headphones as they happen


2022-06-06T17: 50: 51.012Z

Lots of new features in WatchOS 9 for heart health, including afib history. There’s also a new medication app that lets you keep track of the medications you need, and the rich complications can help you keep track of when you need to take certain medications.

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Plus, the sun has now shifted behind the Apple Park building, and for God’s sake, the shade is beautiful.

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Looks like the workout app is getting some great updates with WatchOS 9. iOS 16 also offers the Fitness app to all iPhone users, using iPhone sensors to keep track of your workouts and movements.

It can help iPhone users get healthier with these features, and if they like it, switching to the Apple Watch will give you even more features.

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I’m in top physical perfection, so I don’t need these features (okay, not really, but if you want me to run, you’ll have to chase me with a stick), but people who use their Apple Watch to do fitness they will do. I really like these new features. Lots of smart machine learning additions.

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WatchOS 9 is receiving training from professional athletes. New running metrics help keep track of how you run, which is tricky when using your wrist to measure performance.

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They look funny. Rich complications are getting more expensive, and Siri is getting better with WatchOS 9. There’s a Podcast app that lets you search and add new podcasts using Siri.

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WatchOS 9 has four new dials.

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Now we’re talking about the Apple Watch!

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It really looks great. I would love in my car. It’s not that my car is capable of handling it, as it’s CLEAR.

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There are themes, styles and car manufacturers around the world are happy to take it. The vehicles will be unveiled next year.

2022-06-06T17: 38: 29.036Z

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It looks good. It offers a “unified” experience that brings out the best in your car and your iPhone. You can tune in to the radio and change the car’s air conditioning without leaving Car Play. That sounds great. Instrument clusters (hence speed, revolutions, etc.) and show it all with a really attractive design.

2022-06-06T17: 36: 55.190Z

Now on Car Play. Apple has been working with automakers to make a “next generation” of Car Play, changing the driver experience for all its screens.

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Apple has just announced a new abandonment system for Apple Pay. It’s called Apple Pay Later … And it divides your purchases into 4 payments over 6 months, all with 0% interest. # WWDC22 pic.twitter.com/DGpO9v3jTM6 June 2022

See more

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Now let’s get to the bottom line: for smart home devices to work together, no matter what platform they use, and industry leaders have signed up.

Apple talks about security and how the company will continue to add features, while making it easier to add and control your smart home devices.

2022-06-06T17: 32: 58.308Z

We’ve received many comments from our tweet about Apple Pay Later. What do you think? Let us know!

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It’s an important consideration, and it’s good that Apple has thought carefully about how to protect victims of domestic abuse who may have given access to their accounts to their abusive partner.

2022-06-06T17: 31: 03.681Z

Security check is now being discussed, and this is a new section in the settings that allows you to quickly revoke abusive partners’ access. Stop sharing location with FindMy and restrict access to messages by signing out of your devices.

2022-06-06T17: 29: 54.827Z

The feature is called iCloud Shared Photo Library.

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Go back to Photos and choose which photos to share in a shared library with other family members. Anyone can edit, delete, and sync, and photos will appear in all their memories.

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Here’s Craig in Tracksuit, for anyone who wants a new iPhone lock screen.

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There are now more family sharing settings, including more parental controls to protect your children while you share your subscriptions.

Sharing photos between family members is also being improved.

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Lots of things about sports that allow your favorite sports teams, in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, with MySport. Not only news, it also syncs with Apple TV +. Great, if you like sports. I do not.

2022-06-06T17: 24: 14.193Z

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My God, Craig is back in a tracksuit to talk about “Sports.”

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Developers will have faster and more flexible ways to add Maps functionality to their own server API applications.

2022-06-06T17: 22: 58.794Z

You can now also add public transportation payment cards to your Wallet, and reload them if necessary, all on Maps.

2022-06-06T17: 22: 13.882Z

iOS 16 has new Maps features, with multi-stop routes, and you can do them on a Mac and then send them to an iPhone. You can also use Siri to add more stops.

2022-06-06T17: 21: 18.077Z

Now mention Apple Pay Later, which allows you to pay for an Apple Pay purchase in four installments with 0% interest. Apple says this means you can pay for more expensive items easily, but Buy Now Pay Later schemes are controversial and encourage people to buy things they can’t afford and have trouble with. Apple says Apple Pay Later will make sure people meet a budget. I hope this helps.

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Apple Pay is expanding with Tap to Pay by iPhone, so retailers can use their iPhones, like small stores, to accept contactless payments securely. This is great.

2022-06-06T17: 17: 56.748Z

We are now in the news of Wallet. It has been deployed to more U.S. states for identification. Only the necessary information is shared, so if you need to prove that you are over 21, the app can do so without revealing your entire birthday.

2022-06-06T17: 16: 52.829Z

Live Text now works with the Translate application, and the API has been made available to third-party applications. Visual Lookup and Live Text can also identify objects in photos and allow them to be pasted into other applications and messages. So cool!

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We are now in the process of improving the dictation and use of voice to write messages and notes.

With Neural Engine, all dictation is done on your device, so your privacy is protected. And now you can easily switch between diction and typing. And you can also add automatic punctuation as well as emojis with your voice.

All of this also works with Siri, and application developers will be able to use it.

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Now let’s get to the messages. You can now edit sent messages that you accidentally fired, and even delete a sent message before reading it. It is a very useful feature, and receives a standing ovation from the crowd. We’ve all been there, so this could be very helpful for those of us who have junk writing skills. Is this the death of the spelling of the messages?

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Our assistant phone editor, Tom Bedford, is a little worried about how easy it might be to edit the crash lock screen. “No more buttdiling, you’re going to edit,” adds content director Jeremy Kaplan. Thanks Jeremy.

2022-06-06T17: 08: 40.209Z

Here’s a look at the new iOS 16 notifications on the lock screen.

(Image credit: TechRadar) 2022-06-06T17: 08: 07.650Z

As our Senior Home Editor Matt Bolton just pointed out, the iOS lock screen looks very much inspired by the Apple Watch.

(Image Credit: Future) 2022-06-06T17: 07: 22.917Z

It locks very well, and developers will be able to add information about their apps to the lock screen. Notifications are now different: they come in from the bottom and can be hidden.

(Image Credit: Future) 2022-06-06T17: 06: 26.057Z

There is also a new wallpaper gallery. Lots of customization options, and there are “Suggested Photos” that intelligently choose your photos that will look great on a lock screen.

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Getting a video of the new iOS 16 and a new lock screen for iPhones. It is now showing you how to edit and customize your own lock screen. Filtering, fonts, and placement can be done quite easily. Tap anywhere on the lock screen to get started.

2022-06-06T17: 03: 15.628Z

Craig is in the video and GOING DOWN. To talk about iOS. Cheers.

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Yes, as Lance says, we’re basically watching an Apple movie outdoors.

2022-06-06T17: 01: 14.318Z

It aims to reach under-represented communities in academia to help increase diversity in the application development scene. There are tutorials, access and more. It’s nice to see, and many of these communities have created apps that have been “very successful” in the App Store, according to Cook.

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Tim is now in the video! He promises some big announcements, talks about developer superpowers, making “world-changing apps.”

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We are now receiving a video. That’s what you’ll see, I guess if you’re watching the live stream.

2022-06-06T16: 57: 42.563Z

Return to Tim. “Let’s start the show!”

2022-06-06T16: 57: 05.110Z

Craig is here now. “WWDC is a very exciting time for people working on software at Apple.”

“The focus of our life’s work is to create a platform for our users, for a future for our friends and family, and for everyone around us …

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